Martock Primary School, Somerset.

Just one o the eight giant canvases created at Mattock with Busylizzie Art Just one of the eight giant canvases created at Mattock with Busylizzie Art…

“Thank you so much for all the time, energy, thought and love you have given to our school during Art Week and Open Day. It is very much appreciated” Liz Wilson-Chalon, Head Teacher Mattock Primary School. (Oct/Nov 2014)




Mistletoe Invitations and stationery for a Christmas Wedding:

Mistletoe invitations for a Christmas Wedding...IMG_3483

Dear Liz, Thank you so much for the most exquisite invitations! They are exactly what I’d hoped for..Love Elaine x (September 2014)





Illustrated Library at Somerset Primary School!

After the Gruffalo...



As the head teacher of a school in which Liz has recently been commissioned to work in our library, I would fully recommend her professionalism and final designs! ***** Five stars does not seem enough to give!! Luke Talmage, Hamp Academy, Bridgwater.(September 2015.

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map-Style Wedding Invitations:









“Oh my word thank you so much : ) so exciting : ) you have been a massive star and you have made my day can’t wait to see these beauties!”

Belinda Oakley & Dan Cable (April 2016)



Whole School Staff Art INSET, Combe St Nicholas Primary School:


Art Inset evaluation from Combe St Nicholas School

The art inset, led by Liz Hutchin, was very well planned, resourced and delivered. The session was linked to the new curriculum and helped non specialists to become familiar with the different aspects that the children should be taught and the different media which can be used. Liz had planned around the Christmas theme which all the staff were preparing for and enabled each class to develop ideas which can be used for each age group. The session also included suggestions for ways in which sketch books could be used.

‘Although I knew those words, I had never been shown how to teach them to the children to enable them to have different skills to draw on.’ HLTA on skills aspects.

‘We have been trying to develop meta cognition skills and this inset gave learning about learning strategies which are transferable to other curriculum areas.’ Senior teacher.

‘It was really enjoyable. I feel more confident about planning and teaching a unit of work now.’ Class teacher

Christine Maxwell, Headteacher, Combe St Nicholas CE VA Primary, Chard TA20 3NG





The Rectory Care Home – Busylizzie using art to enhance the environment…


I was put in contact with Liz through a mutual friend as I was looking for ways to make the home and garden feel more motivating and interesting for the people who live here.  As a home our vision is to enhance the fun and stimulation we already have further again and again and Liz is currently helping us with these endeavours.  It feels like we have planted the seed and Liz is helping us to grow.

Liz’s ideas for the garden mural she is creating are bright and cheerful and will help transform a dull space into an eye-catching area within the garden.  From here Liz has other bright ideas, such as turning the large metal hose from the tumble dryer into and elephants trunk, or transforming the plain green fencing into beach huts with 3D images of people sitting inside them.  We are all excited imagining how much more inviting the garden area will be by the time she has finished.

The long cold winter put a delay on the outdoor work which lead us onto talking about what could be done inside.  We had already purchased some standard signs used in most care homes and placed them around the home.  We improved signage further by placing laminated signs to assist the people in the home.  These signs, whilst helpful, do not necessarily help to create a homely environment and are they often taken down as they are easy to detach from their resting place.

This is where Liz comes in.  Liz is creating personalised and easy to read signs which can be screwed to walls and doors in bright colours to help them stand out.  Liz is personalising each sign enabling people to see exactly where they need to go but she is adding a small piece of personalisation on each sign, for example small flowers are painted on the toilet cistern, which do not distract from the importance of the signage for the toilet but, on closer inspection tend a less formal image ensuring the signage is functional yet personal and warm and friendly all at the same time.

Liz always comes to visit us with an enormous smile on her face but it is also important to mention the background work she does on all the projects she undertakes which shines through along with her enthusiasm. Spending time with Liz it is clear to see this is a heartfelt project for her and she is a pleasure to work with.

We have found we have only had to give her small amounts of guidance on what is required, then by her own volition, she uses her own initiatives and contacts to ensure she creates the best possible piece of work ensuring we are provided with a creation that is not only fit for purpose, but is unique and personalised and a bit of fun as well, just like Liz.

Angela Hine, Manager – The Rectory Care Home, Taunton.

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