Taunton Live 2017 Schools’ Art

Looking back to July 12th-31st and a truly amazing exhibition of ¬†exciting, vibrant Primary School Art interpreting ¬†the theme of identity; Who am I? What do I like doing? What is important to me? So many questions with so many and varied responses – imprinted in clay, printed on fabric, t-shirts, kites, woven into wall-hangings […]

Exploring through drawing…

Busylizzie was invited to present a day of art skills training at Combe St.Nicholas Primary School immediately after autumn half-term, to help inspire teachers towards their Christmas art activities. The head teacher of this church school had suggested “Angels” and wishing to avoid the ‘paper doily everyone identical’ collage, I began to think around the […]

Woodland wildlife beginning to inhabit KS1 entrance foyer…

Busylizzie Art has been commissioned to breathe some sense of wonder and excitement into the KS1 foyer at Combe St Nicholas Primary School, by painting huge woodland wildlife wall-art from floor to ceiling! After preliminary sketches, work began on the researching of suitable ‘characters’ for the scene. It needed to have Badger, Fox, Squirrel, Owl […]

Tick-tock croc’ completes library wall-art…

Finally, after just over 30 hours of painting, the walls of the newly located school library at Hamp Academy, Bridgwater, are complete. Chosen by the children, classic and modern fiction books are standing up or lying flopped open to reveal their characters and settings, along with a significant quotation or famous ‘line’ from their pages…. […]

Hamp Academy Library – update day 1

An early start enabled me to spend almost 11 hours today on day 1 of the library project… A shelf and a variety of books were painted first,       followed by several open books and then began the fun! Adding the characters and then the favourite quotes from the children…. First book was Alice in […]