Busylizzie Art at Tyca Festival

Over the last few weeks Liz Hutchin of Busylizzie Art has been working with Jenny Keogh Artist under the umbrella of GoCreate Taunton in collaboration with ArtsTaunton TheTycaFestival, Somerset Wildlife Trust and poet Jack Clementine on the FindingTheLostWords project to celebrate the work of Robert McFarlane & Jackie Morris. We have provided outdoor creative workshops, […]

“A Journey round our favourite places…” Busylizzie Art at Bishops Hull Primary School this week…

Creating giant paintings stretching across several canvases in the style of David Hockney was planned by Liz of Busylizzie Art for Y6 at Bishops Hull Primary School in Taunton. In order to capture something of their love for those special places around the school grounds, the children first explored by taking photos and then identified […]

Amazing concentration by 4-7year olds…

So yesterday, Tuesday, saw the second of my Taunton Live 2018 sessions with Class 1 at the tiny Sampford Arundel Primary school, and what an afternoon! Every single child was so engrossed in their looking and drawing as they experimented with media whilst exploring a variety of objects…   In the wise words of  David […]

Tick-tock croc’ completes library wall-art…

Finally, after just over 30 hours of painting, the walls of the newly located school library at Hamp Academy, Bridgwater, are complete. Chosen by the children, classic and modern fiction books are standing up or lying flopped open to reveal their characters and settings, along with a significant quotation or famous ‘line’ from their pages…. […]

Busylizzie Art teaching trainee teachers…

Busylizzie Art provided a day of Art Skills training for trainee primary school teachers yesterday and it was hands on all day – compiling a sketchbook of notes and practical activities, adding to it their own examples from the practical activities…. These soon-to-be teachers learned about the progression of skills necessary to develop confident artists […]

Busylizzie ‘al fresco’….

 Today I spent a glorious day outside, colour-mixing and painting with groups of children at this tiny village school. Working from the children’s ideas, I had made a quick sketch of their design….church, school, hills, hedges, wellies and much more… We began by blocking out areas of sky, trees, grass and hedges…. Sketchbook(7ft x 8ft […]

Planning our playground painting…

A very successful afternoon was spent yesterday with the lovely children at Sampford Arundel Primary School, planning for their large scale playground painting which will cover some rather unsightly garage doors! Having watched a clip of the great master of painting in the landscape, David Hockney, the children began to share their ideas of what they […]

Look what I found!

It’s hard to believe that Busylizzie Art’s first ‘Art in School’ project was back in the autumn term of 2013! Whilst searching my extensive store of images for this wonderful new website, I happened upon these truly amazing paintings by the children at Bishop Henderson Primary School in Taunton…  The paintings are by seven to ten […]

Art In Schools

Enabling young children, by teaching the skills to express themselves in spoken or written words or through drawing, painting or creating prints or 3D constructions and sculptures, is something that matters deeply to me. Over thirty-three years of primary teaching experience tells me that the teaching of these skills must not be neglected or squeezed out of […]