Work in progress….

Busylizzie Art is currently working on the designs for a divers groups of projects….  1. Somerset County Councils’s School Library Services, R4L in Bridgwater, is about to have an original Busylizzie large(ish) scale wall painting in the entrance lobby, which will include a Dr Seuss quotation….. Liz will be painting on Wednesday and look out […]

Finishing touches added to complete the playroom…

Daisies, a ladybird and a caterpillar  have been added to the left of the recessed bookcase, along with the names of the children arching over..        The children can be encouraged to find and count the ladybirds climbing stems and leaves, seek out the caterpillars exploring their ‘natural’ environment and the ‘buzzing’ bees, investigating the […]

Tick-tock croc’ completes library wall-art…

Finally, after just over 30 hours of painting, the walls of the newly located school library at Hamp Academy, Bridgwater, are complete. Chosen by the children, classic and modern fiction books are standing up or lying flopped open to reveal their characters and settings, along with a significant quotation or famous ‘line’ from their pages…. […]

Peter Pan joins Alice, The Witches, Harry Potter & Co in the Library at Hamp Academy…

Day three of painting in the newly refurbished library at Hamp Academy, Bridgwater, has seen the appearance of more characters from the books above the shelves along with the children’s favourite quotes….   Peter Pan and a friendly looking dinosaur/dragon have joined the likes of Alice, The Gruffalo, and the Witches, emerging from the ‘books’ around […]

Day Two in the Library at Hamp Academy….

Despite the fact that the traffic through North  Petherton slowed down my start by about 40 minutes, as soon as I had set up my table, I was able to continue with the ‘Alice’ scene…. Cupcakes and a fully iced cake that would warrant a place on “The Great British Bake-off” were soon added, along […]

Hamp Academy Library – update day 1

An early start enabled me to spend almost 11 hours today on day 1 of the library project… A shelf and a variety of books were painted first,       followed by several open books and then began the fun! Adding the characters and then the favourite quotes from the children…. First book was Alice in […]