Tick-tock croc’ completes library wall-art…

Finally, after just over 30 hours of painting, the walls of the newly located school library at Hamp Academy, Bridgwater, are complete. Chosen by the children, classic and modern fiction books are standing up or lying flopped open to reveal their characters and settings, along with a significant quotation or famous ‘line’ from their pages…. […]

Busylizzie Art teaching trainee teachers…

Busylizzie Art provided a day of Art Skills training for trainee primary school teachers yesterday and it was hands on all day – compiling a sketchbook of notes and practical activities, adding to it their own examples from the practical activities…. These soon-to-be teachers learned about the progression of skills necessary to develop confident artists […]

Stars for Stand Against Violence Constellation Project…

  Monday sees the start of two weeks of workshops in Taunton Primary schools facilitated by Liz of Busylizzie Art, under the umbrella of Go Create Taunton…      Children of Y5 &6 will be introduced to the Taunton based charity, Stand Against Violence (SAV) which was set up almost 10 years ago after the tragic death […]

Day Two in the Library at Hamp Academy….

Despite the fact that the traffic through North ┬áPetherton slowed down my start by about 40 minutes, as soon as I had set up my table, I was able to continue with the ‘Alice’ scene…. Cupcakes and a fully iced cake that would warrant a place on “The Great British Bake-off” were soon added, along […]

Hamp Academy Library – update day 1

An early start enabled me to spend almost 11 hours today on day 1 of the library project… A shelf and a variety of books were painted first,       followed by several open books and then began the fun! Adding the characters and then the favourite quotes from the children…. First book was Alice in […]

Funky Festival Flowers…

   Last weekend saw the culmination of months and months of meetings, discussions, planning, begging, making, and a tireless determination to pull off the first week-long festival celebrating the creative and performing Arts, TAUNTON LIVE 2015! What a triumph it was and a pleasure (even if exhausting) to be part of this very first event […]

Super Stars at Wellsprings

Children attending the summer holiday camp at a Wellsprings Leisure Centre this Thursday learned all about Stand Against Violence’s Constellation Campaign and their ‘Wish upon a Star’ project….. These are the stunning stars created by the 5-10 year olds in acrylic paint on plywood star shapes…. Busylizzie Art, working for Go Create Taunton, facilitated these […]

Busylizzie Art linking with Go Create, Taunton and Stand Against Violence Charity…

Working as the coordinator for work in schools in the Taunton Area for Go Create, Busylizzie Art is heavily involved in the ‘Constellation’ project to mark the tenth anniversary of the needless death of then teenager, Lloyd Fouracre.    Star painting Workshops have been held every day during the recent Taunton Live 2015 Summer Festival […]

Adopt an Artist – Taunton Live 2015- Day 3 in Shakees Play Cafe

Today saw the final additions to the wall painting at Shakees…and I have to say, I was in my element!  Small details were added, to bring the wall to life…..4 ladybirds, 2 bees, a bounding bunny, a butterfly and a caterpillar ‘crept’ into the picture….        As my time as their ‘adopted artist’ draws […]