Large Scale Art

Designs individually created for your living spaces, children’s bedrooms, new baby’s nurseries, child-care settings and then hand-painted directly onto walls or canvases…

  • Meet with Liz of Busylizzie Art to discuss your ideas and requirements; the choices are endless and could even be a favourite cuddly toy!
  • A design board will then be created for the selected idea showing colours and sample paintings…
  • Once the decisions have been made, the painting(s) can be completed directly onto the wall or canvases as preferred.

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Wedding Invitations & Stationery

I offer a full range of  handmade stationery including save the date cards, invitations, place name cards, seating plans, menus and much more, all designed and created for your special day from original watercolour paintings…

  • Start by choosing your flowers or theme
  • meet with Liz of Busylizzie Art to discuss your ideas and requirements
  • select from a range of ‘prototype’ paintings for your final design
  • Choose your preferred card and add a range of applique – ribbons, beads, torn paper, lace

Hand packaged and delivered personally along with framed artwork presented to the bride and groom.

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Does Taunton want another Taunton Live Performing and Creative Arts Festival?

The few days immediately following any large event feels flat for the organisers, as the energy expended during the preparation and staging of it begins to be noticed…and the aftermath of Taunton Live 2017 Arts Festival was no different for Jenny or Liz, its co-organisers. Then, when a week or so has passed, it begins to register that the next one, if there is to be a fourth Taunton Live, now needs to be planned…


Taunton Live 2017 was an amazing success, bringing colour, arts, music, dance, crafts, costume and culture from Romania, Africa, India, the Far east, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, and many more places to the streets of Taunton for a week in July, despite very little funding and crazy wet weather.  Local businesses were tempted into ‘adopting’ local artists’ and displaying their work, hand-painted banners adorned Hammett Street and Riverside Place, graffiti in the form of knitting ‘bombed’ many buildings and areas to enliven them and add colour and fun. Over 20 community groups and charities combined to create a banner trail, several groups supporting adults in need were included in our programme of entertainment too, showing our festival to be an honest reflection of all parts of our community. What a ball we all had – in spite of the rain!


A huge exhibition by over 700 school children occupied all of the foyer spaces at the Brewhouse, whilst competition exhibitions were staged there too. The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton Library, The Temple Methodist Church and the upstairs room at The Winchester Arms on Castle Green all housed a variety of artworks by local creatives.

Castle Green itself was alive for four days with poetry, live music, dance and community involvement bringing a taste of our more culturally diverse Taunton, making people feel included and valued by sharing arts, crafts, costume, music and dance from all sections of the Taunton Deane community.


But what of the future? Does Taunton need Taunton Live, the creative and performing arts festival? Can the organisers dig out another festival on a relative shoe-string? Should Taunton Deane Council support this initiative, to attract people to our town through celebrating the arts in all its glorious forms?

Should we model our festival on Edinburgh, with a mix of ticketed, charging events covering classical music, theatre, comedy, popular music and dance alongside free creative activities and exhibitions? Should the original aim of providing a platform for local creatives, for bringing the Arts to those who may not necessarily have come face to face with opera, Shakespeare or Poetry or have the opportunity to make from clay, print designs or paint a canvas, stand along side commercial provision by the theatres and arts centres and everything come under the one umbrella of Taunton Festival for a week?

Serious talks need to be entered into, sponsors need to be found and funding applied for from a variety of sources if there is to be the faint possibility of another Taunton Live Arts Festival next year or in the future! How great would it be to have some joined-up thinking and planning for the future for 2019 or 2020???

Please have your say – add your comments to this blog, or Facebook or Twitter links and help us make informed decisions for the future. Thank you.

Busylizzie Art working with GoCreate in the community…

Busylizzie Art & Jenny Keogh joined forces on behalf of GoCreate CiC to paint a large outdoor mural for Comeytrowe Residents on the wall of the hard court play area adjacent to Comeytrowe Park, Taunton this week. 

The brief was to brighten up the previously graffitied walls to make to aspect much more welcoming…

Jenny produced some preliminary sketches and we set to work just before 2pm on Wednesday afternoon…

The bright, cheerful design incorporated natural and human elements and soon began to transform the wall…

With tea and biscuits kindly provided by Roger & Thirza Ashelford, and a visit from Lib Dem councillor Alan Wedderkop, the mural was completed by around 7.45pm.

Local residents have already been extremely complimentary and feel the transformation has really begun.

Bridgwater & Taunton College are also working on panels to attach to the walls to further improve the appearance of this previous ‘eyesore’…

Good job done GoCreate!

Busylizzie on the move…

It’s that time of year again! It’s the time when Busylizzie packs the car with different art materials almost every day and arrives at a different Taunton Deane primary school to inspire, engage, research, develop skills and help children to create their works of art.

Take a look at the skills being developed:

Clay tiles using imprinting and relief…(9&10 year olds)

Printing using imprinting and relief designs: (7,8 &9 year olds)

Batik/wax resist using candles on paper…(6&7 year olds)

These are just a very small sample of some of the work by primary under the umbrella of culture and diversity in our area…the children have been thinking about their own identity but also about being part of various communities where they collaborate and cooperate to make things happen. Their work is a reflection of themselves – of what makes them, them!

Below is an exhibition at one school, St George’s in Taunton, where the whole school has been involved in the project which forms part of Taunton Live Performing & Creative Arts Festival 2017’s celebration of cultural diversity in our area.

Work from 9 primary schools along with entries for the Open (Y10-13) Visual Arts Competition and the Y7-Y9 Visual Arts competition will form our Taunton Live 2017 Schools exhibition at the Brewhouse, Taunton from 12th-29th July.

Please visit Taunton Live 2017 for further details…

Busylizzie Art & SAV shortlisted for local award!

So pleased to announce that “Once upon a time…” (the illustrated story of Lloyd Fouracre’s early life) which was created as a teaching resource for the current SAV Primary workshops, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Taunton Deane Business Awards new Creative Industries category!

Thanks must go to Adam Fouracre, Lloyd’s brother and founder of SAV who helped put the story together and to Mark Gladstone-Smith of the Carly Press, who printed over 30 copies of the book free of charge. Go Create Taunton, must also receive due credit since this project grew directly from the 2015 ‘Constellation Installation’ which commemorated 10 years since Lloyd’s death in 2005.

    I already feel a great sense of achievement having seen this project through from concept to completion but also feel hugely privileged to have used the book as the teaching resource  to deliver the SAV Primary Workshops.

    Even if the prize eludes Busylizzie Art, the charity will benefit greatly from the exposure both on Social media and in the press.

    Taunton Live 2017 Primary Schools’ Projects…

    Taunton Live 2017 Primary Schools’ Projects meeting took place on March 21st and was attended by teacher representatives of 6 local primary schools.

    A reminder of Taunton Live 2016 and the Amazing Sock Extravaganza was part of the presentation which drew in the teachers to begin thinking about ‘Blowing in the Wind’…

    The Primary Projects will celebrate the diversity of culture in Somerset, with a theme of ‘Washing Lines’, tying the work together and creating a way of displaying the resulting artwork…I would like to encourage the children of Somerset to create their “Life-story” lines – for a class it could be the story of their class – how all of the children combine in their individuality, to make the whole class….

    Work would be in any medium, and any size/scale… I would hope to encourage recycling – the use of ‘found’ materials, re-purposed objects, as well as drawings, paintings, printing…. The emphasis would be very much on the ‘creative journey’, taking the children from initial ideas through selecting, developing and experimenting with techniques and learning new skills, before producing their ‘washing line’…’Blowing in the Wind’

    Below is an idea of taking an existing item of clothing belonging to each child and adding to it to personalise it further or encouraging the children to create a shrine which encapsulates their personality and character with made, found and special objects on a variety of scales… Teachers were encouraged through a presentation  of images to take the children on a creative journey from initial ideas, through research and brainstorming to documenting their process and learning new skills in order to produce their personal work of art, which acknowledges their cultural backgrounds too.  Hand printing – then annotating and adding to the prints, creating personalised hand-characters….possibilities are endless and open to interpretation by the children…

    In using artists’ work to inform ideas when working with children it is very important to acknowledge ‘The Great Masters’, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso etc as well as prolific living artists such Hockney, and Illustrators Daniel Mackie, designers Orla Keily etc and then to draw in local artists too who can be found on local Creatives websites like and Somerset Contemporary Artists’ Network websites (SCAN) and Somerset Art Works (SAW). The work of Louise Baker was highlighted.

    Any Taunton Deane teacher happening upon this article and thinking they’d like to be involved, please contact me, Liz Hutchin via this website or, or email – you will be most welcome to be included…

    Painting on cakes…a new departure

    So, being totally honest, my first attempt at painting directly onto a 
    tier of one of Charlotte Jane's wedding cakes was not great! 
    It was largeand clumsy and more resembled  one of my large-scale wall 
    paintings rather than the detailed watercolour paintings I 
    transform into wedding stationery!


    But not to be disheartened, I got 'back on the bike', and after a little more practising, found that the fine detail I was used to capturing on 
    paper, was also possible on icing...
    It was necessary to be less "William Morris" with all-over patterning anda bit more "Cath Kidston" with plenty of background space... Layering of paint as with watercolours was not really working but a similar 
    technique to working with emulsion paint worked well - lots of white 
    edible paint needed...
    Leaves and green tendrils were added along with green ribbon to finish 
    off this gorgeous three-tiered wedding cake which was due to appear at a wedding fair that very weekend!
    IMG_8914Looking very grand and ready to go to Woodland Castle Wedding Fair last 
    Your wedding cake can be themed to match all wedding stationery, menus,  table labels, seating plans and place name cards. Busylizzie Art can 
    create all of these from original watercolour paintings of any flower or design you wish...a totally bespoke service! See the main menu on the website and select 'Wedding Stationery' for some examples, but your wedding stationery will be unique to you and created especially for you.
    Please also visit to see these exquisite cakes and many more...

    Special delivery…

    Friday saw Liz of Busylizzie Art and Adam Fouracre of Taunton based charity “Stand Against Violence”, collect the first copies of the special new resource to support the new wave of primary workshops, from Mark Gladstone-Smith at Carly Press…

    ‘Once upon a time’ was borne out of the need for some visual focus for the primary school children, when telling Lloyd’s story during star painting workshops for the Constellation project in 2015, which commemorated ten years since his tragic death.

    It began with four or five quick watercolour sketches and Adam’s words in a note-book and slowly evolved, during spare time in between ‘Busylizzie’ commissions, from January 2016 to February 2017. This beautifully produced picture book has emerged with the skill and generosity of Mark Gladstone-Smith at Carly Press in Wellington.

    As an experienced primary teacher, I knew the huge benefits of developing the social and emotional aspects of learning as well as the academic, and when Adam asked me to consider developing some SAV workshops using Lloyd’s story and combining awareness of alcohol / substance abuse suitable for Primary aged children, I was keen to combine all of these elements into a day for Year 6 (10-11 year olds).

    Having agreed to plan these workshops, I needed a suitable resource more than ever, so I set about creating more illustrations to capture elements of ‘ordinary childhood life events’ which would act as a back-drop to the telling Lloyd’s story – SAV’s unique vehicle for their work.

    Creating the extra paintings was an emotional ‘journey’ in itself, with a son of my own in the same school year as Lloyd and personal memories of the family’s connection with Kingston St. Mary Primary School.

    In between designing and painting the KS1 foyer at Combe St. Nicholas Primary School, organising, planning and delivering the schools art workshops for Taunton Live 2016, designing and hand-making a set of Harry Potter-style Wedding Stationery based on the Marauders map, mounting an exhibition of my watercolour work in Eden Flowers for July and August and several other jobs too, I continued to create more illustrations and began playing around with Adam’s original words, to create the text for the book.
    The mention of Eden Flowers is so important to actually realising the finished product, as it was whilst I was hanging my mini exhibition in Eden Flowers in July 2016, that I had a chance meeting with Mark of Carly Press! Without his knowledge of what is possible and the dedication of April, the graphic designer, the book would still be an idea flitting around in my head!
    After several drafts (thanks to Megan of SAV here too) and experimental PowerPoints to try out story, it was ready to take to Carly Press, to begin the process of turning the original concept of the book as teaching resource, into reality.
    March 3rd, fittingly, the day after World Book Day, saw the ‘hand-over’ of the first copies of the picture book to be used in the SAV Primary Workshops, at the Carly Press offices, Chelston, near Wellington.

    What a sense of personal achievement, but hopefully what an impact on many, many children’s lives as they explore their emotions, the consequences of their actions and the effects of substances like alcohol on their decision-making faculties through these new primary workshops. SAV – aiming to reduce violence through education.


    Exploring through drawing…

    Busylizzie was invited to present a day of art skills training at Combe St.Nicholas Primary School immediately after autumn half-term, to help inspire teachers towards their Christmas art activities.

    The head teacher of this church school had suggested “Angels” and wishing to avoid the ‘paper doily everyone identical’ collage, I began to think around the subject – wings, birds, feathers sprung to mind and many ideas quickly followed. A visit to the Somerset Museum Service’s ‘newish’ headquarters at Norton Fitzwarren proved immensely satisfying and highly amusing to the assistant who showed me around the many shelves of taxidermy birds!

    My plan was taking shape and all that was needed was the addition of a non-caged bird – my friend’s gannet would be ideal!

    The day began with close observation of feathers…both in pencil and pastel…img_7893

    …and then continued through suggestions for colour-mixing activities, looking at the structure of a variety of birds’ wings and finally by creating a printing block using press-print medium, and a large wing by combining the prints…


    By the end of the day, not only had we covered ideas for inspiring children to explore the structure of wings and so be able to create their Christmas artwork from an observational starting point, but the staff, both teaching and teaching assistants, felt better able to work alongside the children and guide these explorations and discoveries.

    Plans were left for the staff to follow and expand with their own ideas and those of the children, as well as a collection of stuffed birds, butterflies and the gannet which they could use of the rest of the term…

    Busylizzie at West Monkton “Mum 2Mum’s Market” in November last …


    ‘Busylizzie Art’  exhibited at West Monkton Village Hall on Saturday November  12th at the ‘Mum2Mum’ Market…

    There were samples of ‘Baby Bunting’ individualised quilt designs, in a range of colours, on display and whilst orders could be placed on the day, many visitors took away leaflets about the services of Busylizzie Art…

    Photographs of large-scale wall-paintings were also be displayed and bookings were being taken for a free design/ideas consultation…

    If you would like further information about custom made baby cot quilts, original, hand-painted designs for walls, contact Liz at Busylizzie Art via the contact page, or take a look at the different pages showing more details…

    Busylizzie Art at Churchstanton Primary School…

    Busylizzie was ‘at large’ last week with KS1 children at Churchstanton Primary School on the Blackdown Hills, helping them to look at abstract art and create their own canvases using acrylic paint of the first time.

    The concept of trying to capture feelings or emotions in colour and shape, with lines and the use of space, is not easy, but somehow young children are less likely to over-think ideas and these were open to creating a design for their canvas which would portray how they were feeling…We looked at some of Kandinsky’s work ranging from his early, representational painting, through to his Compositions portraying ‘music’, and a host of other studies looking for the elements of colour, shape and line. The children worked in pairs, discussing  which works communicated something to them, and what it was that they liked about the painting in terms of lines, shapes, colours… There was no brief to copy – the children were using the artists work to help them to understand how an artist can change style over his lifetime…

    This very little artist (aged 5 or just 6) was clearly influenced by the concentric circle painting, but his painting was very much his own interpretation, having mixed his colours and created his mood! “Peaceful, happiness bubbles”…


    For most of the four, five and six year-olds, the prevailing emotion was that of having fun; they were happy to be trying out new paint and creating artworks on their very own canvases. Red, yellow, warm and bright sunshine colours were identified to show this feeling, as well as pinks and purples in some cases. A few  children tried to create a calm, green, peaceful mood, whilst there were a couple of party-inspired designs, using streamers and swirls as well as colours and shapes. This young artist deliberately added decoration to her streamers for her ‘Happy Party’…again colour-mixing to suit her mood.


    Trying to ensure a feeling of success in all children, Busylizzie demonstrated covering the canvas with the predominant colour they had chosen, to act as a backdrop for their shapes and lines which would be added on top. The technique of streaking the background colour with white, to lighten and give interest, allowed the older of the children an element of extension too.

    After break, which allowed some drying time, the task was to add the main shapes they had identified would help to convey their mood or feelings, and then add lines as finishing touches. The ideas of soft, rounded shapes and flowing curving lines seemed happier as opposed to jagged, sharp, pointy, hard-edged shapes and lines which they thought were cross and even angry!

    After finishing their work, they were all combined into a block, to demonstrate how each is canvas part of a very important ‘whole’display…


    Bottom left canvas is my demonstration ‘model’…

    If after reading this, you would like a similar art workshop for your children, or would like to discuss other possibilities – please contact me through the website, or call 07730605193 and we can take it from there!

    I am DBS checked and have 35 years of teaching experience with 4-11 year-olds.