Art in Schools

Enabling young children, by teaching the skills to express themselves in spoken or written words or through drawing, painting or creating prints or 3D constructions and sculptures, is something that matters deeply to me. Over thirty-three years of primary teaching experience tells me that the teaching of these skills must not be neglected or squeezed out of the curriculum, and yet effective teaching in this area requires specific knowledge and this is sadly missing from many initial teacher training programmes or only present in scant measure….

Busylizzie Art offers training for teachers to teach the language and skills of art:

  • a complete and whole school service from the initial discussion through to planning for progression, INSET and side by side staff training (apprenticeship style) developing and furthering skills into full competence
  • whole-school art projects in the style of ‘Take One Picture’, or based on the locality of the school
  • work with groups in EYFS/whole classes of children from Y1 to Y6, to produce art work of quality
  • working along side children and/or adults to develop art skills apprenticeship style
  • work can be mounted and displayed in a ‘professional style’ exhibition for parents/community
  • all aligned to the National Curriculum 2014

Also available, ‘In Depth’ projects which combine the teaching of art skills alongside developing those reading skills of inference and deduction as well as ways to encourage children to add more detail to their writing….

All projects will be tailor-made to suit the experience of the children and the size of the school; they will build on existing skills and unleash the potential to create amazing works of art on a variety of scales….

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