Piste Map Progress…

Wall-art plan

When I first decided to transform our downstairs shower room into a ‘homage’ to our favourite ski resort, I thought vivid blue sky and white mountains and a few ‘runs’, but like the best laid plans….it got a bit out of hand!

Background Painting

Then exact colour of blue had to match perfectly the image in my mind’s eye from March in the mountains…

March Sunday morning perfect conditions for skiing
Pra Loup Blue Skies…

…and so working from the reference of the piste-map, the colour went onto the walls leaving the shape of the mountains to appear in snowy silhouette…

blue paint beginning to reveal mountains

Creating the sense of place

The sky created the outline of the mountains and then the contours, ridges, and profile of the landscape was added using chalk paint, acrylic and emulsion paints…it is important that though an artistic representation, it is reasonably accurate…

landscape is created on the blank white mountains with shades of grey, and ice blue

Further shading and peaks are added to recreate the sense of place – Pra Loup, les Alpes des Hautes Provence…

shading and title of peak with altitude included


Lettering and runs are then added to the walls, labelling each and every run and lift to recreate the piste map in a lot more detail that was actually first envisaged….

Pra Loup wolves and first lift with runs added near to sink
Costebelle to Peguieou runs and lifts
Pra Loup logo

It’s hard painting and creating the piste map on the walls, its not perfect, but its a perfect reminder of our other ‘happy place’…and whilst it’s still not quite complete, but will be our very special little bit of Les Alpes des Hautes Provence, in Somerset!

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