Piste Map Progress…

pra loup piste map

Wall-art plan When I first decided to transform our downstairs shower room into a ‘homage’ to our favourite ski resort, I thought vivid blue sky and white mountains and a few ‘runs’, but like the best laid plans….it got a bit out of hand! Background Painting Then exact colour of blue had to match perfectly […]

Maps and things…large and small

A selection of Busylizzie Art over the past three years incorporating something of maps and the natural world. Some large scale painted on walls and extremely large canvas, others smaller drawn on paper and used to create whisky bottle labels, wedding invitations and festival/event plans… If anything interests you, please comment or call or email […]

An opportunity to grasp…

Full size photo of finished painting acrylic on large canvas 100x50 cm topic of garden and feelings during COVID19

Behaving responsibly during this pandemic can take many forms and frustrations, but for the creative, the artist, it unleashes time and space usually attributed to the more mundane, or sociable activities outside of the home, which can be filled with painting, printing, drawing and such enjoyment! Beginning thoughts on Covid19 and isolation came as we […]