Busylizzie Art sharing Exhibition at Taunton Library from Monday March 4th…

The last four weeks have seen a great flurry of inspired creating at Busylizzie “HQ” following two separate weeks spent in the French Alpes.

It began with observation of tracks and ridges formed in the snows surface seen from above via chairlifts in Valmeinier and Valloire then was fuelled by a second week of stunning blue skies and incredible landscapes in and around the Ubaye Valley…

I created a printing block initially and experimented with colour and background in an attempt to capture something of the motion, movement, momentum, shape of the carved tracks made when gliding down the mountain… I added representation of coloured routes, pistes, and could feel the life beginning to emerge, but the sense of place was missing…it could be any ski track…

Working from photos, I tried to capture shapes of the skyline, but then inspired by Suzie of Rocket &Co, thought I’d try adding some actual map sections…and yes! It worked.

The exhibition contains eight, no nine original new works and three duplicate prints of one of these…

All are in the exhibition for two weeks at the library, then will go to the Creative Innovation Centre Taunton to be exhibited as part of the show by art class participants in April.

All pieces are available for sale – contact me via Facebook, Twitter or this website for prices and delivery arrangements.

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