New Banners for 2018

Four new banners have been created by Go Create Taunton artists Busylizzie and Jenny Keogh to commemorate the Women’s vote centenary.

Funded by Heritage lottery money, research by Andrew Knutt revealed a wealth of background information and posters and banners of the Women’s Suffrage movement dating back to 1832…

Painted on traditional canvas, the new banners were designed to reflect the colours and the wording and organisations of 2018, but to encompass a modern and local feel. The four banners were presented at the December meeting of the The Taunton Creatives Club where members also created a variety of posters to mark the event.

Andrew Knutt had created a presentation detailing the history of the Women’s Vote campaign which forms part of a week long celebration of one hundred years since women were first allowed to vote in a general election…

At the December meeting of our Creatives Club, held at The Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton the gathered creatives were inspired to produce a series of modern day posters encouraging the women’s cause and celebrating the long struggle from 1832 to 1918 during which many women suffered in order to obtain suffrage; the right to vote in the country’s elections. A great triumph – but not without casualties…

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