Cabbages and colours…

October, Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…and pink tinged leafed cabbage-style flowers…

Having been given a beautiful bouquet of pink/green cabbage flowers with pungent pink asiatic lilies as a birthday gift, it seemed a sin to just arrange them in a vase, and admire them in passing…the colours, the shapes, the strength of stalk was too much to just look at! I had to paint them…

Beginning with a quick pencil sketch, trying to pick out the contrasting tones which created the form, then an even more quick press-print block made with an extinct biro…a collection of work began to emerge.

After the prints and drying-off sheets, came the inspiration to turn the cabbage head on its head and look closely from the underside…what a dramatic colour study emerged.

All in all I was so pleased with the drawing, the prints, the drying-off sheets and the painting, that i decided to capture in photographs and so create this diary entry – which is really for November, but Christmas got in the way…here it is now, in all its glory!

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