“A Journey round our favourite places…” Busylizzie Art at Bishops Hull Primary School this week…

Creating giant paintings stretching across several canvases in the style of David Hockney was planned by Liz of Busylizzie Art for Y6 at Bishops Hull Primary School in Taunton.

In order to capture something of their love for those special places around the school grounds, the children first explored by taking photos and then identified their top five…

Beginning by watching a film of the man himself, David Hockney, starting a painting across two canvases, the children learned how to plan their space looking at their scene and marking in key elements and using masking tape to guide their first paint marks.

By the end of day one, they had the background ready…

Session 2 began with appraisal of where each group was and next steps as they worked from the background towards the front of their view…

Masking tape and stencil techniques were employed where appropriate, they have worked collaboratively, looking very closely to mix colour, tones of colour and create space in their paintings.

The end results are stunning:

An incredibly satisfying project/commission all-round!

Thank you Rachel White for inviting me in!

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