Outside in…

Work had begun on the three 8×4 foot panels to enhance the outside space at The Rectory – a very special care home catering in a unique way for dementia sufferers, however it was not destined to be completed during the winter months! Cold and dampness put paid to the previous rapid progress, but not to be deterred, the manager had other plans for Busylizzie’s Artistic skills and creativity….internal signage which would be bright, quirky, clear and give the home an individual feel!

Here are a small selection of the way- finding signs being hand-painted at present; red on yellow with clear directional arrow incorporated into design and a simple object shape to show ‘what’ is to be found…

Simple,easily decipherable object image contained within the directional arrow…

Having created these two, a thought struck – what about adding a little something to those who noticed, smile?

Buttons, an odd bow-tie and a floral bed cover were added – plans for each bed to have a subtly different cover and toilets to have a configuration of flowers also emerged…

We are now looking forward to watching the effects on the residents when they see clear signs leading them to the important places they need to be able to reach as independently as possible…

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