Taunton Live 2017 Schools’ Art

Looking back to July 12th-31st and a truly amazing exhibition of  exciting, vibrant Primary School Art interpreting  the theme of identity; Who am I? What do I like doing? What is important to me? So many questions with so many and varied responses – imprinted in clay, printed on fabric, t-shirts, kites, woven into wall-hangings and painted delicately on foot shapes – these 700 plus 4-11 year olds certainly made their mark on Taunton Live in 2017.

Of course their work was no accident – it was the end of a creative journey which ventured from initial ideas and investigations into family roots, countries visited and historical research, through experimenting with a new skill, to designing and finalising the end product – the expression of “ME!”


A great image of printing, painting and clay work…


These spectacular quilts were created with a variety of media and incredible imagination! Individual pieces, combine to tell the story of each class group…


Kites printed with illustrated initials and with tails designed to incorporate the languages spoken by the children in the year three and five classes…


T-shirts printed with carefully designed personalised blocks then embellished to elaborate on their personal stories…clay tiles exquisitely decorated by imprinting, relief work and painting with acrylic paint (in the absence of a kiln)

These are just a small selection of the different creative responses to the notion of “What makes me, me?” and the Brewhouse foyer has never looked so bright and colourful!

Looking forward to 2018, already!!!


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