Taunton Live 2017 Primary Schools’ Projects…

Taunton Live 2017 Primary Schools’ Projects meeting took place on March 21st and was attended by teacher representatives of 6 local primary schools.

A reminder of Taunton Live 2016 and the Amazing Sock Extravaganza was part of the presentation which drew in the teachers to begin thinking about ‘Blowing in the Wind’…

The Primary Projects will celebrate the diversity of culture in Somerset, with a theme of ‘Washing Lines’, tying the work together and creating a way of displaying the resulting artwork…I would like to encourage the children of Somerset to create their “Life-story” lines – for a class it could be the story of their class – how all of the children combine in their individuality, to make the whole class….

Work would be in any medium, and any size/scale… I would hope to encourage recycling – the use of ‘found’ materials, re-purposed objects, as well as drawings, paintings, printing…. The emphasis would be very much on the ‘creative journey’, taking the children from initial ideas through selecting, developing and experimenting with techniques and learning new skills, before producing their ‘washing line’…’Blowing in the Wind’

Below is an idea of taking an existing item of clothing belonging to each child and adding to it to personalise it further or encouraging the children to create a shrine which encapsulates their personality and character with made, found and special objects on a variety of scales… Teachers were encouraged through a presentation  of images to take the children on a creative journey from initial ideas, through research and brainstorming to documenting their process and learning new skills in order to produce their personal work of art, which acknowledges their cultural backgrounds too.  Hand printing – then annotating and adding to the prints, creating personalised hand-characters….possibilities are endless and open to interpretation by the children…

In using artists’ work to inform ideas when working with children it is very important to acknowledge ‘The Great Masters’, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso etc as well as prolific living artists such Hockney, and Illustrators Daniel Mackie, designers Orla Keily etc and then to draw in local artists too who can be found on local Creatives websites like http://www.gocreate.org.uk and Somerset Contemporary Artists’ Network websites (SCAN) and Somerset Art Works (SAW). The work of Louise Baker was highlighted.

Any Taunton Deane teacher happening upon this article and thinking they’d like to be involved, please contact me, Liz Hutchin via this website or http://www.tauntonlive.co.uk, or email busylizzie2@sky.com – you will be most welcome to be included…

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