Woodland wildlife beginning to inhabit KS1 entrance foyer…

Busylizzie Art has been commissioned to breathe some sense of wonder and excitement into the KS1 foyer at Combe St Nicholas Primary School, by painting huge woodland wildlife wall-art from floor to ceiling!img_5651

After preliminary sketches, work began on the researching of suitable ‘characters’ for the scene. It needed to have Badger, Fox, Squirrel, Owl and Hedgehog to represent the classes and the four trees, oak, maple, ash and beech for the school houses. Tadpoles were also a requirement to show the pre-school groups…

Painting began last week, with the old oak trunk and slender ash taking their place, to be followed by the pond area, the ancient beech and finally the majestic maple tree.




These floor to ceiling trees represent the houses within the school, and the sunflower striving to stand tall, is the visual the children use as a reminder for their behaviour. Gradually the leaves are being added to the trees, as Spring unfolds and the lower boughs will soon be identifiable also by their different leaf shapes….


The woodland pond area with frog-spawn clinging to the reeds at the edge, tadpoles swimming is watched over by Mr Bagder, soon to be joined by some hedgehogs, and some more vegetation…

Excited children are speculating about what might appear overnight in their entrance foyer! 

This project will be completed over the next few days and Busylizzie is available for similar scale painting in schools, nurseries, in your home too! In fact I will paint anywhere I am invited to paint!

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