The Amazing Taunton Live Sock Extravaganza….

Preparations are well underway for Tuesday’s information meeting where interested primary teachers will find out more about this project which will feed into this year’s Taunton Live Festival of the Performing and Creative Arts.

With ‘Socks’ as the theme, we will be exploring the skills of drawing, colour-mixing and painting as well as working in a variety of 3D media.

Children will be encouraged to look very closely, to mark-make, to match colour, to explore their favourite socks… 

They will be encouraged to research, collect  visual information and design socks for a whole host of purposes!!!

We will be painting socks, painting on socks, making socks for a variety of creatures….we will be stuffing socks, decorating socks, and who knows where the children’s imaginations will take them???? 

Socks for famous artists…

Socks for Wasily Kandinsky…  
Socks for Georgia O’Keefe  

Ten Taunton Primary Schools were represented at the twilight information meeting yesterday at CICCIC and the enthusiasm of the teachers was hugely encouraging.

The artwork produced in June by this Primary Schools project will be exhibited at CICCIC Taunton between July 1st and 8th.

My excitement, as Schools’ Coordinator for GoCreate / Taunton Live 2016 and organiser of this project, is mounting!!!

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