Wise words….

“The more that you read, the more things you know… The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go…”

Dr Seuss

  Words chosen by Karen Horsfield and the Resources for Learning staff, interpreted by Busylizzie Art as a countryside scene, where a young headgehog, under the watchful eye of two wiser friends is looking intently at a book, whilst another is travelling further on his journey along life’s pathway….

It all began after The Library transformation at Hamp Academy, also in Bridgwater, where the walls came alive with books and book characters…

…having produced a case study for the Library Services website, I offered to paint in the lobby for free!

Tha quotation was chosen and I set to work creating a ‘timeless’ scene that might appeal to the varied users of this amazing service…

As space was limited, the area needed framing in some way and this was done with the trees and branches, but allowing the books in the foreground to just break out of the frame…

The whole painting took approximately 6 hours painting time and would normally cost around £200 including the design…

I paint anything and anywhere – so if you have a space you would like enhancing – contact me, Liz via this website, and we can discuss your ideas!


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