Work in progress….

Busylizzie Art is currently working on the designs for a divers groups of projects…. 

1. Somerset County Councils’s School Library Services, R4L in Bridgwater, is about to have an original Busylizzie large(ish) scale wall painting in the entrance lobby, which will include a Dr Seuss quotation….. Liz will be painting on Wednesday and look out for photo diary updates here!

2. Stand Against Violence Charity CEO Adam Fouracre and Busylizzie Art are at present in collaboration on some illustrations to portray Lloyd’s life story eventually in book form. In the first instance, the illustrations will be used to aid the presention of this true story and to complement the anti-violence workshop work at Primary School level…. Time is being spent trawling through family photos in an attempt to be faithful to this tragic real-life story, but also finding the elements which will ring true with those who later reflect on its powerful effect in changing young lives….

3. Wedding invitations and stationery themed on Harry Potter and the Maurauder’s map, but telling a real-life story of love over adversity, is another project bubbling under the surface that Busylizzie Art is raring to get going on – it’s going to be exciting creating the interpretation of a story in intricately  detailed artwork…. Footprints, a lizard, entwined rings…..
Once the work commences in earnest, it will be documented in pictures for you to see – please revisit to see the progress in each area…

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