Finishing touches added to complete the playroom…

Daisies, a ladybird and a caterpillar  have been added to the left of the recessed bookcase, along with the names of the children arching over..   

The children can be encouraged to find and count the ladybirds climbing stems and leaves, seek out the caterpillars exploring their ‘natural’ environment and the ‘buzzing’ bees, investigating the flowers.

The letters of the alphabet hang off the branches in alphabetical order, with the vowels picked out in primary red…encouraging young children with letter & sound recognition…

 One echinacea, two sunflowers and three daisies….Two hedgehogs,  three bees, four caterpillars – endless possibilities for conversation and exploration!!!!

Any space can be enhanced in a similar style, though every design will be unique and created specially… Contact Liz, of Busylizzie Art to arrange an initial meeting.

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