Ethel the hen…

Adorning the walls of my newly refurbished kitchen are some of my new “poultry” friends: Ethel the hen and Clive the cockerel, along with Susan, also a hen. Painted in emulsion directly onto the soft pear green walls, these charming characters bring a little life into the room!

We decided to revive our rather ‘tired’ kitchen by renewing our doors and work surfaces, replacing dark oak with painted cream, shaker-style doors and dull green laminate with a light oak block effect. Result – a light, bright contemporary feel. The beautiful eclectic mix of green and white ceramic knobs, we found at “Knobbles and Bobbles” via eBay and the chicken knobs at a little gift shop in Somerton, Somerset.

….and so I began to dream of chickens and bunting filling various spaces around the room….and the painting began….

First Ethel and Clive appeared in full colour – orange and red but quickly were over-painted in more muted tones to suit the rest of the kitchen…..

If you would like original hand-painted designs on your walls, contact me, to arrange  a free consultation…

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