These are our trees…

Mark-making and colour-mixing skills were the focus for the Busylizzie Art workshop sessions held with year three children at Hamp Academy this week as part of their Art Week….

Each of the year three classes had a half day’s input in which the children practised using pencil to create different quality lines, a variety of tone and 2D representation of texture. In groups of around 7 or 8, the children then  cooperated to create 6ft tall trees with bark and branch detail in both graphite and oil pastel…

.image image

Leaves were then painted onto the branches and the nearby ground, with large decorator’s brushes, after mixing a range of shades of green and yellowy oranges….

image image image image image image

These are some of the children’s trees!

What a variety of ‘looking’ skills, mark-making and colour-mixing skills are evident with seven year olds and how we need to provide regular opportunities to develop these creative and artistic skills!

Well done Y3 at Hamp Academy…. You were a pleasure to work with, thank you!

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