Bringing the outside, natural environment inside to create an interactive wall painting…

From the moment I began planning the large scale wall-art for Taunton-based Shakees Play Cafe, I knew that a needed to incorporate the natural world, in order to captivate young minds and encourage interaction between child and adult. 

The Shakees Rainbow Bear featured first in the plan… 

.:..and then he was taken over by the outside environment…

  The beginnings of the idea were based on flowers in number combinations of 1,2,3  

Below shows detail of daisy for ‘2’

  Next appeared 3 delightful little hedgehogs, snuffling around in the grass or inquisitively looking around…


 Followed by 2 bees and a bounding bunny…
Ladybirds to the total of 4 plus caterpillars crawling up stems and along leaves brought the painting to life…

The finished wall art has the potential to interest and engage little people as they count and name the friendly creatures…. 

If you would like a specially designed ‘Wall Painting’ for a child’s bedroom, childcare setting or anywhere, please contact me, Liz, via the contact page or email direct

Prices start at ¬£100 for half day (4hours) painting and include initial consultation meeting and design board. The finished painting featured in this article took approximately 15 hours painting time but was done free of charge as part of Taunton Live 2015….

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