Funky Festival Flowers…

Last weekend saw the culmination of months and months of meetings, discussions, planning, begging, making, and a tireless determination to pull off the first week-long festival celebrating the creative and performing Arts, TAUNTON LIVE 2015!

What a triumph it was and a pleasure (even if exhausting) to be part of this very first event of its kind.

These flowers were dreamed up whilst staring at my recycling, poking out of the top of its box under the kitchen work surface…. A certain fizzy drinks bottle conjured up the image of a beautiful tulip… 

A quick trim with sharp scissors and a coat of acrylic paint….

The children of Taunton produced over 170 of these flowers to create a ‘garden’  on Castle Green… 

These are now in ‘storage’ and will be re-planted on September 25th in memory of Lloyd Fouracre’s life, cut short tragically, ten years ago.

The stars we have been creating are all part of this memory too…. 

Three thousand stars have been made to be painted by the people of Taunton and will form part of a massive installation on Castle Green to mark the tenth anniversary of Lloyd’s death…. Free star painting workshops are being offered for local schools and children’s groups…. Contact me via my website for more details!

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