Busylizzie Art bringing the outside in…

During the amazing week long Taunton Live 2015, Summer Festival of the Performing and Creative Arts, Busylizzie Art will be painting a large scale, full wall creation for Shakees Play Cafe, as part of the “Adopt an Artist” scheme. 

These are some initial ideas, incorporating the ‘Shakees Bear’ and ‘accommodating physical obstacles’ (such as window recesses, double height ceiling etc) on the proposed wall….

 ….and below, is the banner I am in the process of painting for Shakees, also for the festival…  One hundred banners, hand-painted by local artists will be on display in Taunton during the festival, along with lots of other art exhibitions, free creative workshops and much more…

So, if you’re in Taunton during the week of July 18th- 25th, check out TAUNTON LIVE 2015!!! 

Visit the website http://www.tauntonlive.co.uk for full details of the week long festival – conceived and organised by volunteers of Go Create Taunton and supported by local businesses…. 

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